Mad Hatter Tea Party

Last week it was my friend Alex's birthday and we hosted a mad hatter's tea party in the park. The event was inspired by her grandmother's china tea set and included finger foods, mulled wine and of course, hats of unique proportions. 


  1. Anonymous9/14/2013

    a beautiful collection of photos that tell me what a grand time was had! truly lovely.
    the china was one of great grandma McClure's most precious items. one day her best friend, Helen Crabtree, was helping with a post dinner dish washing (no dish washing machine would ever hold this china). Helen, as the drier took two plates at a time to dry. Grandma Margaret promptly insisted that her china plates were to be dried one by one not stashed on each other. Helen threw down the dish towel, and said 'do your own damn dishes, Margaret' and stomped out of the kitchen. the friendship held and it became the standing joke as time passed.

  2. The china is lovely, the celebration of friendship and birthday is a grand tribute to great grandma's memory. Cheers

  3. mon Dieu que c'est beau, truly a magical evening...