Tulum: Part Two | March 2015

During the latter half of my trip in Tulum I stayed on the beach. The constant sound of the crashing waves was incredibly soothing. After the sun sets electricity is not used very much so things become still and quiet in the evenings. Though the last couple of days were grey, I didn't mind seeing the environment in a different light. The overcast created a diffused palette of colours which I found to be quite stunning and unique.


Tulum: Part One | March 2015

Last month I travelled to Tulum, Mexico for a week. After a long winter the opportunity to experience sunshine and warmer weather came at a perfect (and much needed) time. I spent the majority of my stay in town, a few streets off of the main road. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and the people were very friendly with big smiles. Tulum is a good destination if you want a getaway that allows you to explore both a little of the local life (it is very accessible by bike or foot) and a breathtaking natural environment. 


Symbiosis series | Cordella Magazine

I'm always debating what to share in this space and, more specifically, I wonder if I should mix personal and commercial-based work here. I hesitate for a few reasons, one of the main ones being compromising consistency. Is it possible to share these two sides of me side by side or should they be presented distinctly. Often times it's hard to pretend that trends don't exist both on and offline and that people might want to experience something different. 

It's been a long winter and in the honesty of the moment I will admit that it's also been a bit of a heavy one. Over the past several months I've experienced loss, varying levels of discomfort and the challenging consequential growth the stem from these phenomena. I've spent a lot of time thinking, learning and behaving in new ways (some good and some not so favourable). And throughout all the turmoil, as struggle often brings, an evolution appears to be occurring. 

As a photographer my greatest intention has been to develop as an artist. For real and letting go of the fear of exposing the truth, myself. The technical elements of the trade are the easy part, the self-expression and purpose behind the images are more challenging. And as of late, this goal has really come to the forefront of my creative process and dreams.

When I stumbled upon Cordella Magazine, it immediately struck a chord with me. There was something about the publication and the space it has created that made me feel inspired and comfortable. I was thrilled when they decided to include the series above in their recent issue, Woven. 

This series, entitled Symbiosis, is about identity and interconnectedness. It represents our complex compositions, dependency and highlights our interwoven relationships within the world around us. The common element of water depicts fluidity and life. A dual nature- silent and gentle, yet overwhelmingly powerful and vital- woven into one identity.

To read the magazine: https://cordellamag.squarespace.com