Brunch Club | Le Sain Bol

In order to beat the winter blues some friends and I decided to start a monthly brunch club. After what seems like the longest winter in years (and is still keeping us in good company) we desired a reason get out and break free from hibernation. It's safe to say that food and exploration are always sure motivators for me. Our first official stop was Le Sain Bol located in east end of the Plateau. It's exterior is easy to miss as it blends in alongside the neighbourhood homes unassumingly, however, this place should definitively not go unnoticed. Daylight fills the interior through the large front window creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. The menu is [positively] minimal, ranging from sweet to savory, and does not overwhelm you with the dilemma of "what do I order with all these options?" For brunch I generally appreciate a mix of tastes which is exactly what you get with the "la surprise" option- a little bit of everything on the menu and a truly genius offering. And I haven't even mentioned their homemade chai tea... a comforting blend of spices and almond milk. This little spot is a hidden gem in the city and one that I highly recommend. With fresh ingredients and well curated menu this brunch experience left us feeling wholly satisfied. 

Le Sain Bol
5095 rue Fabre
Montréal, QC


Anna | Lived Spaces | Habitat Series | Montréal, QC

I met Anna a little over year ago but it's one of those friendships where you feel like you've known the other person for ages. One of the keys to our hearts is food- talking about it, cooking it, perusing food blogs for new recipes, discovering new restaurants and cafes and of course, eating it. Anna moved to Montréal last summer and I couldn't resist being a bit biased while helping her apartment hunt. It sort of went something like this... "move to my neighbourhood! There's a grocery store around the corner with the best and cheapest cheese selection you've ever seen!" And well, she did! I'm looking forward to more food-inspired gatherings in this cozy space. 

ps. How magical is the light on the wall?

Habitat Series #3

City: Montréal
Neighbourhood: Mile End

Who: Anna Côté
People who you share(d) this space with: It’s a space built for one, but I love to share it with visiting friends and family. And an occasional canine visitor.

In three words how would you describe the design, atmosphere/mood of your space?
Cozy, antique, open

What is your favourite room? Why?
My office nook. It’s perfect for distracting me from my work and keeping my plants happy in the big windows.

What is the best decorating "find"/DIY in your space?
The old street sign from the street where I grew up.

Most treasured item(s) in your space?
The globe of the world that my mother ordered from National Geographic decades ago; the old sketch of a French fisherman found at a yard sale; and the hand-me-down kitchen table that’s the location of a lot of great meals and conversations.

What elements are essential to you in creating a space that feels like home?
A space where others want to come hang out. And having lots of tea on hand.

What is your best memory from this space?
Any time spent on my back balcony in the late summer.

Weekends are for...
Big breakfasts, books, parks, long dinners with wine and friends, dancing.

Your favourite Montréal coffee spot is...
Sardine. They make my favourite “why bother” cappuccino: decaf + soy milk.

The best thing about the neighbourhood you live in is...
Besides its renown for its proximity to PA, I love the access to Mont Royal for running.

A perfect day in Montréal goes like...
Sleeping in, going to a yoga class, brunch at Arts Café, spending a few hours picking up groceries at Jean Talon then cooking a big dinner for a group at my house.

If you could travel anywhere next, where would it be...
Trekking in Bolivia or a food and tea adventure in Japan.