Sarah & Phil | Lived Spaces | Habitat Series | Montréal, QC

One of my favourite parts about doing this series is that it gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Being welcomed into someone's home with a camera in hand examining and documenting the space and the way they live is a very intimate experience. Gotta love people with an open mind and who are willing to reveal themselves to the outside world. 
Last weekend I got the chance to photograph Sarah & Phil's apartment on Saturday and then take a trip to the country together for some apple picking on Sunday. I guess that you could say that we really dove into getting to know each other. Sarah, a lover of botanicals, is not only responsible for greening the apartment but also the co-founder of a magazine dedicated to plants called Bosquet (www. bosquetmagazine.com). As for Phil, he's quite the talented artist and most of the pieces on the walls are created by him. It is nice to see how their individual styles have blended so well together and how they have adapted elements in their space to make it more functional. A well-balanced design hybrid. Merci encore!

Who: Phil & Sarah
People who you share(d) this space with: Walter White jr., our cat!
City: Montréal
Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal

In three words how would you describe the design, atmosphere/mood of your space?
P: warm, relaxed and woody

What is your favourite room? Why?
S: The office in the front. Most of my plants are there because the room is filled with sunshine all day long. This is also where we work on our projects, so we each decorated our workspaces which makes the room really warm.
P: I'd have to agree on that.

What is the best decorating "find"/DIY in your space?
S: There are so many! Wooden furniture, plants ... but I would say our shelves in the kitchen. We removed the cabinets and I love seeing the porcelain cups and colored plates.
P: This past summer I just built a washing machine cover-up wall/counter. It really changes a lot since we can have a view of the kitchen from every room.

Most treasured item(s) in your space?
S: The Dining Table.
P: The Litterbox. I can't imagine living without it.

What elements are essential to you in creating a space that feels like home?
S: Plants.
P: Custom furnitures.

What is your best memory from this space?
S: When we got Walter!

Weekends are for...
S: Workings on my different projects and going to the eastern townships
P: Seeing friends.

Your favourite Montréal coffee spot is...
S: Our Moka percolator.
P: MELK, on Monkland St. in NDG.

The best thing about the neighborhood you live in is...
S: Laurier park
P: it's proximity to friends, it's centrality to other neighborhood. Also, the subway station is on the corner, that's a big plus in the winter.

A perfect day in Montréal goes like...
S: A bike ride, a trip to the public market to buy flowers, a few stops at garage sales, a dinner at the restaurant and an evening on a terrace with friends
P: Anything that begins with a bacon and eggs breakfast and with a nap in the middle of it. It could be a good workday at the studio or a visit to the museums and galleries.

If you could travel anywhere next, where would it be...
P&S: We have a bunch of good friends that recently left for Vancouver, we would love to get to visit the northern west coast with them.


Lauren Kolyn is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Contact: kolyn.lauren@gmail.com