West Coast Road Trip | Part Three | Seattle, WA

This post makes something very clear to me, I cannot visit a space that I find interesting and without taking photos of it. It's impossible (unless I don't have my camera)… I simply can't resist and better yet, I won't resist! This observation is not surprising given where my visual interests lie however, by creating this post, it caused me to reflect again on what attracts my eye and personal interest. On vacation most people take photos of important monuments and the food they enjoyed, which I do too, but just in smaller quantities I suppose. Really, it's the unique places that I want to remember. So here you have it, Seattle (the last stop on our road trip to the west coast) through the eyes of an aspiring interior photographer. 

Places visited (top to bottom):
Anna's home
The Kingfish Cafe (best Southern food I've had in a non-Southern place)

ps. New travel goal = remember to take photos of the food because everything we ate was incredible and I don't have any visual proof of it. 


Lauren Kolyn is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Contact: kolyn.lauren@gmail.com