West Coast Road Trip | Part One

Last month I accompanied a friend on her move to the west coast. Winter had been long and this was the perfect opportunity for some visual research and inspiration. Truth be told, I also have a hard time resisting any invitation for a road trip! The first part of our journey took us through Ontario and then along northern Lake Superior. This part of the drive was definitely a highlight for both of us. There's something very special about this part of the country. Even covered in snow we could sense the beauty of the pristine waters, surrounding forest and crisp [northern] air. The land was quiet and its spirit was welcoming. Oh and apparently pancakes and saunas are a big thing in Thunder Bay… who knew?!

Crossing into the prairies we viewed a very different landscape. One that was flat and endless but in the best of ways. The times when we weren't driving through a blizzard we could see the plains stretched out all around us. Occasionally it felt a bit surreal to look around and see the same thing in every direction. I was really excited to experience this part of Canada and I dream of the day when I can return in warmer weather to visit fields of wheat, tumbleweeds (hopefully), blue skies and endless horizons once again.

This is only the beginning, more to come...


Lauren Kolyn is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Contact: kolyn.lauren@gmail.com