A Non-Getaway Getaway | Mont- Royal

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Anna, suggested that we spend a day discovering Mont-Royal. Though I've spent a lot of time on this mountain over the years I must admit that I had yet to do a thorough job in my explorations. So with one rule to guide us- small paths only!- we spent a full day experiencing a different side of this park. The day started bright and early with drinking our morning tea and coffee under branches of blossoms at the base. We then began our trek wandering along trails that I didn't even know existed and stopped for a snack along the way. We slowly emerged onto a clearing with an view of Montreal from the east side of the mountain. Since most of our time spent together revolves around food, we planned and packed a delicious picnic lunch which we were very eager to enjoy. Afterwards, we spent a few more hours reaching the summit and then descending. Living in the city I often complain that I'm not surrounded by enough nature however, this excursion really felt like we had taken a day trip to a provincial park. A perfect not-so-away getaway.


Lauren Kolyn is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Contact: kolyn.lauren@gmail.com