Irene & Thibaud | Lived Spaces | Habitat Series | Montréal, QC

Wow, 2013 really seemed to have come and gone. A common reflection at every year's end but none the less holds true once again this year. While 2012 took me far away from home, both literally and figuratively, 2013 held me close. It was a year filled with love and life. My best friend got married, engagements happened, babies born and on the way, new friendships formed and old(er) ones grew stronger. The past year has also been marked by personal accomplishments and reaching milestones towards professional development. I feel focused and filled with new ideas and creative energy. With each new day my gratitude and appreciation deepens for the experiences that these moments hold. 
I don't see a better way to start off the new year in this space then by posting the next house tour in my Habitat | Lived Spaces series. I met Irene a few years ago while we were studying in the same program. She is an ever-fascinating, talented and inspiring individual and her partner Thibaud is just as wonderful. Here's a little peak into their homestead. 

Happy New Year!

Habitat Series #2

City: Montréal
Neighbourhood: Mile End

Who: Irene & Thibaud 
People who you share(d) this space with: 
I: Thibaud, his beard, our baby to be, and the occasional international drifter
T: Irene Ruth Beeman

In three words how would you describe the design, atmosphere/mood of your space?
I: Ramshackle yet cozy.
T: Composite, paisible, urbain.

What is your favourite room? Why?
I: The front room. It’s good for drinking coffee, internetting, talking, tending to plants, drawing, voyeuring, and daydreaming.
T: Le salon parce qu'il est spacieux.

What is the best decorating "find"/DIY in your space?
I: Little vintage vanity stools found in the street.

Most treasured item(s) in your space?
I: I love the sheepskin my mom gave me because her friend raised and killed it, my family ate it, and it smells like home. I also have moved from city to city with my treasured rock collection, my bison teeth, and a small box of artifacts from childhood onwards.

What elements are essential to you in creating a space that feels like home?
I: I always set up a new home with items that tie me to my roots or remind me of family and the natural world.
T: J'ai besoin de connaître l'histoire de chaque objet.

What is your best memory from this space? 
I: My 30th birthday party brought together some of my all time favourite elements into one great mix…friends and randoms, rum cocktails, dancing, and flirtation.

Weekends are for...
I: Eggs Benedict, thrifting, fancy $5 coffee drinks, meeting friends spontaneously and then spending hours and hours traipsing around together, long distance calls, cleaning the apartment.
T: Vivre!

Your favourite Montréal coffee spot is... 
I: I love so many, and each coffee spot fulfills a specific need for me. It depends if I want to feel alive and connected to others (arts café, café plume), dwell in loneliness or intimacy (Cagibi, Lumière du mile end), feed nostalgia (Café Depanneur), etc.
T: bof...

The best thing about the neighbourhood you live in is... 
I: Proximity to friends.

A perfect day in Montréal goes like... 
I: Something involving an inspiring combo of work and play, alone time and collectivity.
T: Une bonne journée de travail.
If you could travel anywhere next, where would it be... 
I: Mexico and the southwest U.S.
T: Chez des amis.


Lauren Kolyn is a lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

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